This project:

The motivation behind Virtual Bard is that music should be easier to create, for all: from a kid learning what scales are, to professional composers.

This project is still young, and new features are actively being added.

Offered here are 100+ instruments, with dozens of settings and parameters, and different “level of detail” for the user to choose a comfortable degree of how much control over music generation they wish to set, all available online.

There is no required installation or downloads needed. The minimum is that your device can load web pages and play audio. Feel free to see how it works on your phone/tablet/desktop if one of those is more convenient than the others for you! The backend is written in Python with the help of Flask, and the web interface is a combination of HTML/CSS/Javascript.

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I’m a Software Engineer, musician, and my passion lies in interesting intersections between different fields.

Topics of interest include functional programming languages and practices, designing intelligent systems, and anything to do with the combination of music and programming. In my off-time, you can find me fencing or hiking.

"Code should be beautiful, correct, and built to last."

Feel free to write to me at ivan.viro1@gmail.com.